Drug Intervention in Wichita Falls, TX

An intervention is a meeting with an individual who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol to relay the severity of the person's addiction and to convince the person to seek drug rehabilitation. Although drug interventions are often dramatized on television, they can be an important and often last-ditch tool in getting a person to seek drug rehabilitation. However, because of the possible volatile nature of a drug intervention in Wichita Falls, it is important these interventions are carefully planned and executed so they have the greatest chance of success.

Because drug intervention for addiction is not something one plans every day, sometimes loved ones will consult an intervention specialist. This expert has organized and facilitated several drug interventions in the past and can advise those planning an intervention. In some instances, the loved ones may choose to have an intervention specialist lead the meeting as an unbiased individual that can offer a perspective on drug addiction. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., it's important to consult an intervention specialist in several circumstances. These include when the person has the following:

  • A history of serious mental illness
  • A history of aggression or violent acts
  • Has exhibited suicidal behavior or self-harm in the past
  • Is using several mood-altering drugs and could therefore have an unpredictable reaction

Sometimes staging a drug intervention in Wichita Falls can be the only way for a person who is in denial about their addiction and/or its severity to understand just how a person's drug abuse history has impacted others.

How to Stage an Intervention

Staging a drug intervention for addiction can take several steps, which a family may choose to incorporate or not. These steps include the following:

  • Organizing the intervention group: Those leading the intervention group should identify who will participate in the intervention and set a date for the meeting. Most often, the best time to schedule a meeting is in the morning when a person is usually at their most sober.
  • Looking up treatment options: Those participating in the intervention should review our treatment programs in Wichita Falls and determine some options that may be best for the individual. The participants can present these options to the individual when the intervention occurs.
  • Recruit an intervention specialist: If the group would like to seek an intervention specialist for the meeting, they can often contact a nearby drug rehab facility for recommendations regarding an intervention specialist.
  • Planning each person's roles: A person should prepare what they are going to say using specific instances where loved ones were hurt by the loved ones' abuse. Examples could include times a person stole from family members, missed important appointments, or experienced trouble with the law due to their abuse. A person may also plan if there are any consequences a person may mention that the person will face if they refuse to seek treatment.
  • Host the meeting: Ideally, the meeting will go to plan and the person will understand the necessity of seeking treatment. Most interventions will encourage the person to seek treatment as quickly as possible, sometimes even that day.
  • Follow-up: The support of friends and family members is vital to helping a person successfully quit abusing drugs and alcohol. Continuing to follow up with a person after they seek our drug rehab in Wichita Falls can be important to helping a person experience continued sobriety and preventing relapse.

Who Should Be Involved in an Intervention?

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, an estimated 90 percent of people agree to seek help after a drug intervention. This relays how successful a drug intervention can be if planned carefully. However, it's important to involve the right people in an intervention. Examples include a significant other, parents, siblings, friends, or even co-workers. While there is no distinct number of people who should be involved in an intervention, the number should be enough loved ones who want to participate, but not so many people that a person will be overwhelmed.

Sometimes there are well-meaning loved ones who would like to participate in a drug intervention in Wichita Falls, yet may not have the personality that is best-suited to participating in the meeting. This includes highly emotional people who may be prone to angry or tearful outbursts. Those who could not stick to a designated script also are not the best choice for participating in the intervention as the meeting could quickly get off-track. Call us now for help (877) 804-1531.

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